MiniLab – the agile underwater platform project

Short description of the project

The range of services offered by the Smart Ocean Technologies research group is to be expanded by setting up additional infrastructure. To test sensor technology or material effects under water, empirical data are needed for evaluation under more realistic environmental conditions. Due to various external influencing factors such as swell, wind, rain, lack of supports, waterproof cable connections, stable support structure, it is difficult to ensure stable framework conditions during measurements under water. For this purpose, a real laboratory is being developed, which is available for SOT-internal projects but also for tests with project partners or as a service for customers. The development of a MiniLab on the Warnow River in the immediate vicinity of the SOT office will create competencies, technologies and knowledge that are important for future installations at the Nienhagen artificial reef and, prospectively, at the Digital Ocean Lab. In addition, this creates a strategically important regional and also supra-regional visibility for the SOT Group through the practical applications in the water.

Fields of application

The MiniLab will be available for application experiments of the SOT group and its project partners. Later, it is planned to make the MiniLab available for various service applications as well.


Smart Ocean Technologies research group